Ghidul tarilor (ISPM15)


Tara Data Implementarii Informatii Suplimentare
American Samoa Classed as USA  
Argentina 1 January 2006 WTO Phytosanitary agreement - Apr 2005
WTO notification (PDF)
Australia 1 January 2004
Revised from
1 August 2009
November 2009 revision
ISPM15 - Solid Wood Packaging Country Implementation Dates (Notice to Industry)
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New documentary requirements
New documentary requirements
Bolivia 24 May 2005 WTO Phytosanitary agreement - July 2005
Brazil   Withdrawn implementation of ISPM15 and has reverted to previous legislation from 2004. However, wood packaging with IPPC mark will be accepted.
Bulgaria 1 June 2006 As of 1/1/07 Bulgaria joined the EU. Therefore European policies apply.
Canada 1 January 2006 Canada’s Import Policy for Wood Packaging Materials
Entry requirements for Wood Packaging Materials - PDF
Chile 1 June 2005 Implementation of ISPM No 15 in Chile (3.64Mb)
WTO notification (PDF)
China 1 January 2006 WTO notification (PDF)
Colombia 15 September 2005 WTO notification (PDF)
Costa Rica 19 March 2006 WTO notification     
Spanish Notification (PDF)
Croatia 1 January 2007 Croatia.pdf
Cuba 1 October 2008 Cuba08.pdf
Dominican Republic 1 July 2006 WTO notification (PDF)
Ecuador 30 September 2005 Spanish Notification (PDF)
Egypt 1 October 2005 WTO Notification (PDF)
European Union 1 March 2005 WTO notification (PDF)
Applies from 1 July 2009:
In addition to the implementation of treatment and marking requirements described in ISPM 15, the new EC import requirements provide that the WPM instead of being produced from debarked round wood from 1 January 2009 onwards, will need to be free from bark with exception for the presence of any number of individual pieces of bark.  These should be either less than 3 cm in width (regardless of the length) or, if greater than 3 cm in width, of not more than 50 cm2 in area.  This latter free-from-bark requirement will be applicable from 1 July 2009 onwards.
WTO notification 2009 ammendment (PDF)
The enforcement date of the latest amendment to EC 2006/133/EC regarding Portugal will be postponed from 16 June 2009 to 1 January 2010. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FULL DETAILS
Fiji Intention to implement fiji1.doc
Guatemala 16 September 2005 WTO notification (PDF)
Guyana   Formal sources indicate that Guyana has implemented ISPM15. However documentation on this matter is not yet available.
Honduras 25 February 2006 WTO notification (PDF)
Hong Kong Not required unless en-route to another destination
e.g. China
India 1 November 2004 Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) 3rd Amendment (Doc 30KB)
Indonesia September 2009 WTO notification and UPDATE.
Indonesian News
Israel Implementing on
23 June 2009.
Enforcement from
1 October 2009.
WTO notification (PDF)
Japan 1 April 2007
WTO notification (PDF)
Jordan 17 November 2005 WTO notification (PDF)
Lebanon 9 March 2006 _1_19e.pdf
Malaysia 1 January 2010 Open letter of intent (pdf)
Mexico 16 September 2005 WTO notification (PDF)
New Caledonia 1 June 2006  
New Zealand 16 April 2003
Revised Nov 2009
FAQ - Wood Packaging Material
Revised Import Health Standard (pdf)
Nicaragua To be advised. Packing declaration & ISPM15 compliant packaging advised.
WTO notice of Intent (PDF)
Nigeria 30 September 2004 Packing declaration advised. Will accept wood packaging with IPPC marking.
North Korea (DPRK) 1 June 2005 Heat treated or Methyl Bromide treatment of WPM acceptable.
Norway 1 January 2009 WTO notification (PDF)
Oman December 2006 WTO notification (PDF)
Panama 17 February 2005 WTO notification (PDF)
Paraguay 28 June 2005 WTO notification (PDF)
Peru 8 September 2005
Philippines 1 January 2006 PhilippinesRegulationISPM15.pdf (PDF)
Philippines - Guidelines for WPM (PDF)
Russian Federation Awaiting confirmation Indication of possible implementation from USDA (PDF)
Samoa   Phytosanitary certificate required unless ISPM15 compliant WPM.
Seychelles 1 March 2006 WTO notification (PDF)
South Africa 1 January 2005 South African Notice of Compliance (PDF)
WTO notification (PDF)
South Korea 1 June 2005 WTO notification (Doc 47KB)
Sri Lanka Adopted 1 March 2004
Implementation from 8 March 2010
WTO notification (pdf)
Draft regulations (pdf)
Switzerland 1 March 2005
May be regarded as EU
WTO notification (Doc)
Syria 1 April 2006 Packing declaration advised.
Taiwan (also Penghu,
Kinmen & Matsu)
First enforced:
1 November 2005
Fully enforced:
1 January 2009
WTO notification (PDF)
Previous WTO notification (PDF)
Tanzania No date set (PDF)
Turkey 1 January 2006
WTO notification
Ukraine 1 October 2005
USA 16 September 2005
WTO notification of emergency measures (Doc 43KB)
Venezuela 1 June 2005
Vietnam 5 June 2005 Vietnamese Government Sites